Be part of the Growth

Being a member of AATIE, you become part of the growth in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. Contribute to the development of the two Telugu States.

Get Better Deals

Many Businesses and experienced Entrepreneurs are seeking investments from NRIs. As part of a bigger Group you can always get a better deal!


Become a member today by paying the one time life membership fee. You can Pay Online or Send a Check. Here is the Membership Page

So what's this all about?

AATIE is a for profit Corporation owned by shareholders. Any American individual or entity can become a shareholder. Each Shareholder of AATIE actively participates in the Business decisions. AATIE invests in various opportunities in the US and in India for growth and returns. One must be a member of AATIE to become a Shareholder. Members does not need to be a shareholder. Members will understand and learn how AATIE works and can eventually become a shareholder.

AATIE makes conservative investments. AATIE aims to make better returns by Team Work, Combined Stegnth and Common Knowledge of its members and shareholders.

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